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Voice of Christ


The Light must shine

John 8:12, I am the Light of the world; he that follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life

In the beginning of Man’s journey toward life, that is, the search for the spiritual meaning of life, man’s life is filled with darkness. This darkness is the result of living in a world that does not have light. There is no light in our world today. There is no luminous center directing the purpose of life on material earth today. In the world, there is nothing but void, emptiness, chaos and suffering. The darkness of the world is such that scarcely anyone thinks of the meaning or value of life beyond material value. In ignorance, mankind has refused to think on the important questions of life such as: What is Life? Why is life suffering? Why am I here? The state of ignorance is such that no one thinks about what life will be like after death. Many have refused to believe that there is meaning in life, and that there is a purpose. Some believe that there is no reward for all our deeds whether good or evil. Others deny the existence of God. In this frame of mind, man must continue in darkness, chaos, suffering and pain.

In life, there is light, because Light is Life. Jesus says, while I am in the world, I am the Light of the world. When there is no more good in the world, like today, when people are no longer good to each other, there is no Light. The light of the world is the good which make life worth living. Those who still remember that to be human is to be kind, that to be truthful is to be loving, these are the light of the world. Those who remember that we are spirits, having an earthly experience, those who affirm that God is good all the time, those who affirm that life is sweet and good, these collectively are the Spirit of God moving over the faces of the dark void of material existence, called life on earth.

The light of this world is Truth. Jesus is the truth. The truth that brings light is to know us as children of the Most High. When we come to our senses, we recognize that our journey on earth is temporary and that we must all go home one day to give account of all our good works on the planet earth. When we wake up from material life, we start asking the important questions of our life such as: Who am I? Why am I alive? What happens to me after life? As these and similar questions become dominant in man’s thought, a void is created which can only be filled with Light. Through persistent gnawing of these unanswerable existential questions, one is led to a school, perhaps, a school like ours, Christ School, where one comes to see the Light. In Christ school you come to learn that you are the Son/Daughter of the Almighty. That you have been with God, though you did not know it. That God loves you. That God wants you to love Him back. When you see the light of God’s love, you will no longer walk in darkness.

To follow Jesus or to live by the Light is not merely to have a simplistic religious experience, which in of itself is another shade of darkness. To walk in the light, which is the same as to follow Jesus, is to abide by God’s eternal law. This law is not about a bunch of religious codes, but only about doing two simple things: Loving God above all other things in this world, and, loving everyone like yourself. Loving God is to recognize that all things belong to God and to acknowledge Him in all your ways. Loving God is to know that all things’ material is temporal and not to discriminate against your fellow man. To sacrifice your life for the betterment of the world, this is to follow Christ. To imitate Christ in every way is to walk in the Light.

To forget the unanswerable questions of life is to walk in darkness. Many people have given up on deciphering the knotty problems of life. For example, what is death? Is reincarnation a fact? Why do bad things happen to good people? To give up and let yourself be carried by the material flow of life is to live in darkness. The moment one starts to walk in darkness, suffering follows. To suffer is not to know that God knows all things. To try to solve any problem without God, to try to heal oneself without God, is walking in darkness. To discriminate or hate another is to walk in darkness. To hold a grudge or to be jealous is to walk in darkness. Anything not done according to the Way of God is to walk in darkness. Is there darkness in your life? Do you hate life? Do you hate God? Would you be made whole?

To have the light of life, we must come to know ourselves. Man know thyself, is an ancient light. Man must come to know that he is the maker of all things in his/her life. Man must know that he can change the circumstances of his life through right application of the law of love. The light of life is to realize the eternal divine truth of our being and to realize that all problems have a solution.