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Many people have not been exposed to the scriptures of the world long enough to know truth first hand. They have not worked with Truth long enough to see things go from not good, to good. Many people do not know what it is that they want, or what truth can do in their lives. They see people doing religion; they join, not knowing what and why?  Some never develop independent reasoning. So, they are ever confused.

Life is like one entering into a very long dark tunnel, literally! In the middle of this tunnel, it’s cold and lonely, and many become afraid. Few people come out the end of the tunnel with their eyes open. Many are afraid that the light outside the tunnel is too bright; so they close their eyes, refusing to open them, ever, and never see anything.  In this dark tunnel, many people don’t know what to look for, or how to look.

Few people know how bad things can get without Truth or Light, and how good things will become eventually with Truth. Only few work patiently with truth through endurance, tolerance, and perseverance, and receive the promised rest.

Few also believe in something, and at first they are hopeful. But when the things hoped for are not materializing as fast as they wish, fear creeps in, and they stop believing. Before long they become disappointed, destroy their chances, and never endure long enough to bring anything to fruition. Some, in the middle of the tunnel turn their ‘cars’ around and go back, refusing to go forward, not believing that there is Light at the end of the tunnel. Some come out the other end of the tunnel because people pushed them from behind. And when they come into the Light, they never believe there’s Light, and they never open their eyes.

All these  stories regard the present times in which we live right now. Only those who have faith in the Sacred Scriptures, and come to know through them that God is, persevere through all difficulties. There is nothing happening to anyone now that is not usual for all mankind on earth.  Every being that has lived on this earth has had to deal with similar circumstances, ease and disease, fear, pain, and death. There is no unique suffering that is not common to all. Is it poverty? All are deprived of Light in this tunnel; so all are Light poor. There is no situation one is going through that thousands or millions of people are not going through the same time. So, if it is Light you seek, looking at your circumstances and making excuses is not wise.

Many who seek Light get confused because they look on the outside, the dark cold circumstances of the tunnel, and they give up hope.  Light is found only in oneself, and not in another. Not finding God or Light outside, people become embarrassed.  Worries and doubts take over, heartaches and lack of steadfastness develops. Those who seek Light sincerely should not allow other things to rise from their hearts. To each and all, the Way of Light is Christ. Not Light that one sees outside, that one is not real. It is the Light that arises from  within the heart. It’s the Christ that will grow in the heart as a babe in a manger. Christ is the Light that will rise in you, and manifest Himself to you secretly, not through another person outside. The Christ presence within manifesting as Love and Light, will liven your life and circumstances, and give you joy.

Do not give up until Light manifests in your heart fully, if not, you will head back into the darkness.

Most people are caught in the dark tunnel; many more turn back halfway. If there’s no movement in your soul, and you say, “I am waiting for the light;” when will the light come? You may not see Light if the deeds done in your heart, in the tunnel of darkness, are the deeds of wickedness. When the pure Light Himself appears and everywhere is lighted up, from heaven to hell, no place will be found for the double-minded, the double-faced, the double-tongued, or the hypocrite.

The Word said, “no place was found for him, except in the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” This place of darkness and coldness is in the hearts of those people that “love and make lies.”

Be assured in your own heart, that it is the Light of Christ that you seek, and do not let circumstances chase you away from the love of Christ. St. Paul wondered, ‘what is it that will separate us from the love of God? Is it hunger? Is it peril? Is it abandonment?’ Is it lack of money? Is it lack of job? Is it lack of food? What? What is that lure that will draw you out and yank you away from seeing light? I don’t know what your price is? The million-dollar man, the wrestler, said, ‘everybody has a prize’. Only one thing is for sure: If Christ Light is not the only prize you seek, you will take anything that comes first, and run.

If Christ is not your only prize, “No-face” will come with glittering gold, he will offer you something, and you will take the fake gold. You will lose your soul, because you will take the offer. An enticing offer will be made to you. Be very careful. Be very careful. Please, make sure it is only Christ Light you will take. If you take anything else, it will be very terrible for you.

For many, many years, the warning has been, “don’t become religious.” In that word, being religious, so many things are implied.  Don’t become religious, and start expecting to reap where you have not sowed. The religion of getting something for nothing is the highest form of self-delusion or lie there is. If any of those lies are anchored in your soul, you will not see the sunlight of Christ.  As you know that one will not lose weight without exercising or cutting back on calories, so, there is no free Light or salvation.

What is that lie? That lie says that you will get from God what you have not given to him; that you will get more than you are now giving. That somehow, some magic or miracle will happen. And then, you will receive God’s favor or mercy and forgiveness without doing anything to merit it; like showing mercy to others or providing selfless service. That thought is from hell, it is a lie. Our duty is to expose this lie in every form and shape. This lie that lures one, deludes one, and lulls one to sleep, preventing one from rising up.

If you remember the movie Spirited Away, when the family crossed that line, that wall of no reasoning, and they ate the food dead people or spirits eat, they became pigs, and the spirit of sleep came over them.  Without someone, who refused the swine’s food and remained alert, without someone who labored and obtained their own freedom, they would have remained fat and foolish forever.

We face similar situations in our world this time. That is what one will face in their soul.

If one is living a lie in one form, shape, or manner, one will not see the light of God.

What it takes to see the Light is soul searching, deep soul searching, to know oneself and one’s ways. Know the way you think, know the way you act, your tendencies, and peculiarities; know what moves you, what degrades you, and what attracts and destroys you. When one knows these things, then one should start working to change them. If it’s food, one stops overeating. If it’s sleep, one stops oversleeping, and gets an alarm clock. Whatever it is, one stops! “Loss upon loss, until at last comes rest.” There is no other way; in no wise, nothing can help one except one realizes their mistakes, faults, or shortcomings, and stops them.

Nothing else can help. That’s the truth Our Lord Jesus Christ told us. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”—the truth itself, not the Lord. The Lord is not going to free you. But knowing the truth about what your problem is, then working on your problem, then calling up on Him for help, saying, “Lord help, for I perish.” That’s the way to get help.

Then, if one is sincere, pure in one’s motives, absolutely dedicated and unflinchingly resolute, at a long run, when all personal resistance is gone, then one is remade. There is hope in this Truth. Christ Light is one’s guide to salvation. One works for their salvation though His Light Power.

If Christ Light is available to one doing nothing, then it’s available to all; Sun light does not discriminate. The creator of all cannot discriminate against any one. Do you think that the righteous one discriminates? The answer is NO. So, what makes one special so that He saves one and not the other? This pattern of discriminatory thinking is called religion. That is a stupid thought. God is One, and Loves all equally including the so-called devil.

When one opens the hymnbook, and open wide their mouth and sings louder than everyone else, thinking that will change something, that’s religion. What do you think that will change? Sometimes people want to appease God with penances. They act in a certain way, maybe kneel down a certain way, and fold their hand like a bird in a certain way, thinking that Light is seeing them, that’s religion. All outward religiosity is foolishness; a waste of time.

Jesus said, “For pretense, they make long prayers.” Go and read His Book. He says this form of religion is for “hypocrites, liars, and damn liars.” That’s a joke.  Check yourself to see if you fall into this category, and stop. Don’t join the category of people who don’t know what they want, the category of gamers, pretenders, lawyers and politicians.

Some people climb up a mountain and fall from the mountain top, and say, if I reach the bottom and didn’t die, that means God saved me. You’re a fool. You’re lucky you didn’t break you neck. So, if a snake falls off the same mountain that means God saved that snake? Something is wrong with your thinking. You will not see Light if something remains wrong with your thinking.

Did you hear what Jesus said, “it  has been said of them of old”; that means forget old thinking. You take old theology, old thinking, old ways, and you expect something new or magical to happen? How? Oh you think that because you go to church or synagogue or temple or mosque and that you sing the loudest on the pew, and because you kneel down on hard cement, or you plant bomb in your stomach to kill others, that Light will appear in you.

The Bible said, “thou fool, thou fool!” Don’t fool yourselves, people. Good. Then, whenever you stop fooling yourself, determine that Christ Light must rise from within your heart, and get to work.

It has been said by many, that without sacrifice or hard work, no one can see God’s light. Without sacrifice, the sacrifice of your dark thoughts, the sacrifice your inordinate lusts and ambitions of conquering the whole world and ruling everyone, you will not make progress. You have to sacrifice your old self. You have to sacrifice, and sacrifice, and sacrifice, and sacrifice, until only Light remains; that Light is salvation.

If not done this way, one will continue to fool oneself. There will be no improvement in character or quality of life, or progress.

The Lord gave this parable of the Kingdom of heaven; He said it is like the mustard seed, which starts out as the smallest of all, and grows to be the biggest of all. When it became a giant tree, the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth found shelter under this tree.

If one is seeking Christ Light, suffering will make one strong. Like steel, the pain of changing oneself will make them better. Therefore, the Lord said, “be faithful unto death and thou shall receive the crown of life.”

There are many people in this world whose lives are in danger; like the Good Samaritan lady who was killed while the troops were trying to rescue her. She was in the war zone, she was helping people, and she was killed. It is not like “oh, she was rescued” or “she was shot at.” No, she is dead. She died! “Be thou faithful unto death and thou shall receive a crown of life.”

When the message of this kind of sacrifice is brought forth, it is not grasped, and understood; then no progress is made in life, patience is lost, spiritual prosperity never comes, and perseverance bears no fruit. When the difficulties crowd in, like it is right now in the world, many people are not be able to survive it. The Sacred Word said, “by and by they were offended.”

The Lord Jesus also gave the ‘Parable of the Sower’ who went forth to sow. Some of the Sower’s seed fell by the wayside. No problem. Quickly, the fowls of the air came and grabbed them. And some fell among rocks and sprouted, but had no roots in themselves. When the heat came they withered and passed away. Some fell among thorns and weeds, and started to grow, but the weeds choked them, and they died. But some fell on the good ground and survived, and grew into big trees and brought forth fruits: “some thirty-fold, some sixty-fold, some and hundred-fold, so is the Kingdom of God.” The Lord said, ‘By their fruits shall ye know them’.

With those that hear about the Kingdom of God and the cares, affairs, and lusts of the material stuff of the world come in quickly as soon as the Word is heard, there is no hope. One minute they are making up their minds, saying, ‘yes, I will start this morning’; I’m going to the Kingdom today. Five minutes later, they are watching a reality show, may be The Biggest Loser. The first hunger for whatever comes, all that determination is gone, it’s ‘see you later baby!’

The ones that fell among the rocks, received the Word of the Kingdom of God with joy, but had nothing of kindness inside their hearts. They had no soft soil in their hearts, only meanness or the hardness of heart, the heart of rock; the Word could not penetrate. The Word remained just as noise in their ears and mouths.

Those that received the Word of the Kingdom among thorns, the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of the body, came in slowly and took the Word from their hearts, until all was taken away from them.

Finally, only in few the Word of the Kingdom of God survived to produce any fruits.

Please, survive and bear fruit. To survive, you must know what you’re looking for.  At first, you need strong determination, and later, stronger determination will be demanded as time goes on. Stronger and stronger circumstances will challenge you; it is not very easy to survive this world. Difficult events will happen. Many things will happen to you. Therefore, the Lord said, “He that remains to the end of all these events, being faithful unto death, shall receive the crown of life.” The Lord also said, “It is better for you to not put your hands on the plow than to, and after start looking back.”

Once you have started to look back you are no longer fit for the Kingdom of God. That means you won’t make it. When will you be safely on the Way? When will you move deeper into the Way? I don’t know. I wish you did; but if you don’t know, expect no miracles, please. It’s not going to happen. Expecting miracles is being religious.

In the book of Revelation, The Lord instructs us about the New Way, the New Kingdom that never passes away. In His instructions, we are asked to take heed to His Word. The religious people do not pay heed to the Word of the Lord; they pay heed to the stories, the emotions, the miracles, but never to what the Word teaches about The Way of life.

Bible Book of Revelation:

Now, this Book of Revelation is only for the Servants of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  So if one has not abandoned materialism and excess, they are not the Servants of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Remember, the message is only for the Servants of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Of course you can become a servant. You know what to do already, pick up your cross of suffering and follow Him! It’s not by sitting on a chair in a circle, with eyes closed looking for the light.  You have to imbibe Truth and Live by it, and practice it, use it, and research it. St. John was asked to share the revelation with his fellows, The Servants of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This book is a blessing to anyone that reads it, but especially to those who hear the words of this prophecy, not ordinary hearing.  Hearing the Word means obeying, practicing, and accepting what the Word says. That means to do those things that are written in the book. It must be done now, not after we die.

The Grace of God, which is universal forgiveness, is being proclaimed to the world. ‘Grace be unto you, and Peace from Christ, this is the gospel of Revelation’. Remember that the Law came through Moses and the Prophets, but Grace and Truth came by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the Faithful witness, and the First begotten of the dead, and the Prince of the kings of the earth. Jesus Christ is Him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood. It is the blood or the Word that washes us. That’s how we get cleansed. It’s not some metamorphosis or some magical transfusion.  The word of God, which is Spirit and Life, must enter into you, and that Word must cleanse you.  That’s the blood or Word of Jesus Christ that will purify you for His life. The Word will make you a King or Priest of Jesus Christ  when you are filled with Christ truth and love. All filling is from God the Father, ‘to Him be Glory and Dominion forever and ever. Amen’.

The Lord has revealed Truth plainly, and everyone can see, know, understand, and practice the truth of His Word, which He brought to us. ‘Behold, he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him’; those willing to observe, to open their eyes, at the end of this earthly tunnel, will see His light plainly.

Prove the Truth by doing what the Word says, practicing and experimenting, until you emerge as one with the Christ Light.  Most people sleep and sleep and sleep, when will you stop?  You know, everything of the body dulls and traps you in this tunnel.  The Reggae musician, Bob Marley sang: ‘think you’re living in Heaven, but you’re living in Hell.  The body you’re carrying is your hell, but no one can convince you of the Truth. All the time, from morning till night, it’s only the thought of the body that occupies you. How to make the body feel comfortable, to please it, pamper it; but you don’t know you’re training a snake that will hold you down in the deepest hell.  But you wouldn’t believe that. Sorry!

In Christ is the Completeness or Oneness.  ‘I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end’, that means all and all in all. There is nothing outside.  One. One God. ‘Hear O Israel, The Lord Our God is  One Lord. This Lord is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and is with the end.  See, be sure you understand the Oneness, that is the One Lord; then all religion should fly away from you.

Religion is a belief in many Gods, a belief in the devil, a belief in gods that give gifts, a belief in the junior god and senior God. But when you hear the Truth, you will know that The Lord Our God is One Lord.  That Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Very and Only God. This Truth will shake your world. Then your belief in magic will begin to fly away. Then, you realize that until you materialize Christ in yourself, you’re wasting your time.  There is nothing outside of you that is going to help you.  Therefore, Christ must arise from within your heart. Your life must embody Christ Light.  Until that day comes, you’re wasting your life if you’re not using His Word to remold yourself.

Many people think ‘God’ is going to help them make up the things that are not in them already.  They sit around hoping that someone will save them.  Not knowing that when one dies, all the Love they have realized in their hearts is all they have saved in spirit. If you die, right now, the only spiritual thing you will get is all your Real Truth and Love. Nothing more will be added to you. There’s no grading curve in spirit. Only what you see is what you get.  If you’re filled with hate, that’s who you are.  If you’re filled with anger, with lust, with avarice, with malice, with cunning, with stupidity, whatever you are filled with the moment you die, that’s all you got.

I John, ‘who also am your brother and companion in tribulation, and suffering of Jesus Christ’.  The way of Light is a way of suffering.  First of all you suffer in the world, and then you suffer in your body.  Like St. James said, ‘mortify therefore the deeds of your body.’  Put your body on the cross as a living sacrifice, holy, pure, and acceptable unto God, which is a reasonable service.  The suffering of pain in your body will accomplish patience; that is the true mark of all who obtain the Kingdom, The Kingdom of Patience of Jesus Christ. As Pope John Paul II said, “Every human form of pain contains in itself a divine promise of salvation and joy.”

The Word says, ‘I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last.’ That is the beginning; there’s nothing else outside of Him.  The absolute.  There is nothing else to look for, there is no one else to ask for, there is nothing else to seek for, except Him, and finding Him, your soul must sing for joy, for you have found the Eternal Prize.  There is no more else to labor for in any realm of His creation.  From the highest Heaven to the lowest Hell, you will bear His Name.  When anyone sees you, they will see Christ.  They won’t see you because you don’t exist.  When they see you, it is Christ that has come. ‘Fear not; I am the first and the last’: There is nothing else.  That’s Beautiful.

‘I am He that lives, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.’ See, those things that people fear, hell and death, you will not fear.  See, you will visit Hell and Hell can’t do anything to you.  Death can’t do anything to you.  You have the keys to hell and death.

‘These things says He that holds the seven stars in his right and who walks in the midst of the seven golden candlestick.’ “I know thy works.”  Now He’s beginning to talk about the works, not about religion, not songs, not dances, but works.  ‘By their works ye shall know them.’  ‘By their fruits ye shall know them’.  By their works, works, works, and labor, and patience.   ‘And how thou cannot bear them that are evil’. Evil is repulsive. How can one be full of evil and claim that they are searching for Christ salvation?

Sometimes people don’t know the difference between good and evil.  Evil cannot be part of you if you’re looking for Christ.  He said, “You cannot bear that which is evil.”  If you can’t bear evil in the world, how can you bear them in yourself?  So, evil should be far away from you.

‘And thou hast tried them that say they are apostles and are not and hast found them liars.’ You find all the noisemakers as liars, a bunch of liars. But you are a lover of lies because you yourself are living a lie.  So you like the lie. I’d rather take my bed in hell than to believe the lies that are told to people today in the name of commercial and political religion.

And because you’re not steady in yourself, because you’re not truthful to yourself, you buy the nonsense.  I don’t buy and sell with lies.  The Word says, ‘Thou hast found them liars’; they all lie.  Are you a liar?  That’s the problem. Does lies live in you?  Does evil live in you?  Do you dwell in evil?  Evil does not repulse you, does not deflate you?

‘And hast borne (have suffered), and hast patience, and for my name’s sake hast labored, and hast not fainted.’ “Be thou faithful unto death.”  Even though you have done all these things, the Word says: ‘Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.’ You’re not working as hard; you’re not trying to change yourself anymore. You’re not loving, working, and suffering to become pure.  You have become fat and lazy.

‘Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent. Say, go back, and with determination, work, do thy first works.  Works, works, works. Do the works. Don’t go and sing and dance and get a band and start to roll and start to sing and shout alleluia to heaven. Are you a joke now?  Right?

But by their fruits ye shall know them; their works, patience, perseverance, endurance, and tolerance. ‘Do the first works; or else if you don’t do the first works, you’re not changing. I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent’ (go back to that work, work, work).

‘Thou hates the deeds of the Nicolaitanes (those people who are looking for worldly gain). Those people who want this and want that, those praying for this, or for that. Thou hates those deeds of the Nicolaitanes which I also hate.’ I hate those things, you hate them too, so there is hope for you. Nay, but go back to work, don’t make excuses, don’t be thinking some magic will come, some airplane will bend down, a light will flash, somehow heaven will pop open and you will float up like snow flakes.  That’s not going to happen.

‘He that hath ear to hear, let him hear’, how the Holy Spirit is telling the Truth to the churches, but him that overcomes (that is the key word).  What is the key Word? ‘He that Overcomes’.  That’s the only thing because if you don’t overcome, you have wasted your life.  Have you overcome?  Have you overcome anything?  Have you overcome water? Have you overcome sleep?  Have you overcome food?  Have you overcome lusts of the body?  What have you overcome my friends?  When will you overcome?

You need nothing.  With nothing you overcome everything.  If you don’t overcome, who’s going to carry you?  What will carry you?  I don’t know what will carry you.  You did not overcome anything. Every vice held you down.  Every lust held you down. Every desire held you down.  Every thought held you down.  All worldly things hold you down in hell.

We’ll come and see you in hell, just like somebody in jail.  Maybe once a month or once a year is a visitation time. The people can put their hands on the glass, if it’s your husband or boyfriend, they can blow a kiss, but it’s through the glass. One person is over here placing their hand, and you’re behind the thick glass on the other, just like in the movies. What does that kind of visitation do for you? Stay home; it’s a waste of time. Then it’s emotion time, you cry one tear, they cry two tears, and do you think that the city is going to say, okay, now these tears fell, lets reduce the sentence one year.  I don’t think so.

No. But by their works ye shall know them.  No, but he that overcomes shall inherit all things.  Do you see where the thing is going? Christ said, he that overcomes, I will give to eat of the tree of life’. That means, if you do not overcome, no tree, no fruit, no life. See, you must first do something. What do you have to do?  Overcome!  Again, what do you have to do?  Overcome!!  For the last time, what do you have to do?  Overcome!!!

But if you don’t overcome, what do you want Christ to do?  The Lord himself will give the man or woman who overcomes the tree of life to eat, which is in the midst of the paradise of God or in their heart.  It’s not in Hell; it’s not on Earth.  It is in the midst of the Paradise of God or the purified heart of men and women.  Christ Light dwelling in the purified heart is the Paradise of God or The Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.


November 6th, 2010
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