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Many people never understand life.  Are you one of those people?  Many people fear life. They live with fear all the days of their lives.  Are you one of those people?  Many people float through life carried by every wind that blows on top of the water.  Are you one of those people?  Many people carry life in a sack.  And in this sack they have thrown in every fear they have known and they carry it along with them. Are you one of those people?

At evening, the day is gone.  You cannot pull today back again.  The morning is gone.  It will not come back again.  The afternoon is gone.  It won’t come back again.  The evening is gone.  It won’t come back again ever for you.  So however, you have lived that day, will be written down for you.  And there is nothing you can do about it now because it’s gone.  This week goes the same way. All that we accomplished or failed to accomplish in a week is gone.  The month goes the same way. Drib, drib, drop, drop, before you know it, it’s all gone.

It disappears from you.  It’s like a big mound of snow in the middle of winter, packed in one corner of the parking lot and piled high.  As the days warm up slowly, from under, from inside, from every side, the mound of snow continues to disappear until one day you come back it’s all gone.  That is how our lives will go on this earth.  It will start to shrink up and shrivel up and waste away.  It will slowly melt away.  Your eyes will go, your teeth will go; yours bodies, your muscles will all waste away.  Your joints will go.   They will all go, very soon, day by day, they will disappear.  You too, will also disappear.

A day will come, your city will be there, and you will not be part of it.  Your own house, your pride and your joy one day will come, the house will still exist, but you will disappear.  All the things that are important to you: your fears, your foolishness, your phoniness, all will disappear one day.  You can’t stop it.  You can’t fight it.  You can’t prevent it.  It’s natural.  It will happen.  You will disappear.  Remember, they’re important to you now.  Remember that they are very important to you today.  Tomorrow it will disappear.  The next tomorrow you will disappear also.  If you live in fear, that fear will not protect you.  If you live in doubt, that doubt will not protect you.  If you live in lies, your lies will not protect you.  Whatever you choose to live by today, tomorrow, that thing will leave you and the next greater tomorrow, you will disappear.  All that is important to you today, this week, this year, all your life, is slowly disappearing from you.

Turn around and look at your world in your mind.  The world you see today is not the world you knew some years ago, it’s all disappearing, it’s all changing; you are changing.  Very soon your world will disappear, you too will also disappear.  No matter what you do, there is nothing that will stop you from disappearing.  Your fears will be with you.  The crumbliness of life, the life that falls apart will also be with you.  Not having understanding will also be with you.  Floating in the air will also be with you because these are the things you like.  That’s the way you enjoy life.  That’s what you like to see.  That’s what makes you happy.  That’s what makes you feel alive.

A thief must find something to steal.  A liar must make up lies.  A gossiper must carry around stories.  A hater must find faults.  A condemner must see things wrong in people to condemn them.  So as you sit on your chair, as you are today, if you’re not careful, is who you may be forever: because you enjoy who you are. You’re happy with who you are.  You’re happy with how you understand life. You’re happy with what you get away with.  If you are not very careful all your days on earth will amount to nothing. Your life would amount to nothing positive for you.  You will derive no benefit from it.  If you are not very careful you would have wasted a lifetime.  If you’re not careful, you may have died already.

You may be dead already.  You may have rejected Christ already.  If you live 40 years or 70 years from now, it might not mean anything anymore.   The days will just go by, the wind will just carry you, until all the power that is inside of you is sucked away.  And like an old rag, you will be thrown away somewhere, never to be remembered.  Whoever remembers the rag they threw away 20 years ago? Whoever remembers those rags?  If you’re not careful, you will become one of those rags.

Something that is dead is something that nothing affects anymore.  On our property is a tree and some of the limbs, on all the major limbs were dead parts.  Even though the tree is still standing, even though many branches still have leaves, if you look closely you will see that many branches, especially the top ones where the tree is supposed to be growing from, are dead.  If you take any dead animal, insect and you examine this insect or bug, you will see that the shell or the skin that contained that animal still looks like how it was when the animal was alive. But if you look inside you see that it is empty on the inside.  The legs may be there, but there are just the bony legs.  The shape may still be there, but the life that was inside that thing is gone.

​         So, a dead human being is someone who still has the form of a human being, but the life inside that human being is gone.  The life of a human being is the Holy Spirit of God that dwells in a person; the Holy Spirit is the life.  Anyone, who does not have the Holy Spirit of God, is dead.  If they are still breathing and moving around, they are called human animals.  We are told that the difference between a human being and an animal is the Holy Spirit.  When the Holy Spirit is indwelling a human being, that human being must of necessity be growing spiritually. Growing, because the presence of the Holy Spirit dwells in this person.  The Lord has told us that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.  That when the Holy Spirit is come that He will teach us all things.  So the Holy Spirit of God, indwelling in human being is a teacher.  So, when someone is not teachable, they cannot be taught.  When someone who is taught is not changing or bringing forth fruit worthy of repentance, it means that, that human being is a dead animal.  It means also, that the Holy Spirit of God cannot dwell in a dead person.

So as the Holy Spirit sees it, anybody who does not listen, who does not learn; anyone who does not listen, learn, and change, is dead.  So think of yourself, and ask yourself:  when was the last time I learned something and changed something?  When was the last time I made effort to change myself?  The last time you did that was the last time you were alive.  The Holy Spirit of God in you has no other responsibility or duty other than to teach you and reform you.  That’s why in the Bible it is said, “Resist not the Holy Spirit of God.”  That’s why King David prayed, “Take not your Holy Spirit from me.”  That’s why the Holy Spirit of God is taken away from anybody no matter whom that person is; because the purpose of the Holy Spirit is to make you change, make one a better person.

But when you dig in your heels, in yourself and you have become God and the Holy Spirit does not speak to you anymore, the Holy Spirit does not convict you anymore, you haven’t changed anything, then, the Holy Spirit leaves.  You are the judge of your life.  You are the person I hope, that realizes whether you have a mind, an ear, a heart that changes or not. But in as much as, and I’m not talking about reading the Bible or reading scriptural books or singing song or praying, that’s not what I’m talking about.  In as much as from your being, from your heart, you’re not hearing His voice and in your heart beginning and in your world following, you are not striving to be that which God wants you to be; Brothers you have failed yourselves; Sisters you have woefully failed yourselves.

Anybody who loves himself or herself will be changing daily because the days are disappearing, the week goes so quickly, the month goes by so quickly, the year goes by so quickly.  It looks like it’s forever before one turns ten.  It doesn’t take too long after ten one hits 20.  After 20 you hit 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, not many people reach these ages.  But way before you reach these numbers, many people have already died.  Because if you go into their hearts, the shoot, the part of the life that should be changing and growing, is already dead.  Like my tree, the young part is already dead.  All you see is the outer shell.  The leaves are withered, they are weak, and they are tired.  Don’t let this happen in your life.

But don’t say I did not tell you, for I have told you today.  There will not be joy in your life unless the Holy Spirit in you rejoices because of the change that takes place in your heart and in your world.  Frustration will rule your day and night because there is no growth in you.  There is nothing to grow inside you.  You’re not growing, you’re not changing, you’re not hearing, you’re not listening to the Holy Spirit.  Then the Holy Spirit gets frustrated and leaves you behind, an empty shell.  Brethren, this is the danger, to die before dying.  That is the danger, to be written off by life while you’re still walking on the earth.  That’s a great danger.

In the springtime, there is joy.  When everything is coming up alive and putting up new shoot, there is joy.  When the bitter cold of Winter is gone and the hard soil of the earth has softened, and the rains of truth have fallen to melt the hard stony earth, to soften it, and the grasses wake up and the trees put out new leaves, young and tender, and the bees and butterflies go to work and the birds and the squirrels come to play.  In this season there is joy.  There is optimism.

The dreary and the gloomy days are gone for a season.  The joggers and the walkers and the runners have all come out.  This is the state of a heart in which the Holy Spirit dwells.  It is the ever-vernal spring, the eternal spring, the joy, the life, the beauty.  That is the place where life happens.  That is the place where beauty is found.  That is the place where the natural music of the birds, of the squirrels, of the insects, of the bees, of the bumblebees, of the wasps and all the creatures, that is the place where they sing.

In the Spring, in the heart, in the heart that puts up new shoot everyday, that allows the rain of the truth, of the Holy Spirit to gentle soak the soil, that allows all the dead knowledge’s and rubbish to pass away and decay and become food for the new life.  Only in that heart is there joy. Only in that heart is there bliss.  Only in that heart is there progress, prosperity, promise.  Only in that heart is this prayer answered, “Give us this day our daily bread,” for our daily bread is every Word that proceeds out of the Mouth of God.  Every voice of the Holy Spirit in the heart that we listen to makes us a better person.

There is no joy like the joy of overcoming something.  There is no internal joy higher than the joy you feel when you see yourself grow, change, put out a new shoot.  When you see the animal and the birds of the air, come inside your heart and find shelter, because the harshness is gone, the meanness of heart are gone, the criticism, and condemnation and find faulting are gone.  The divisions and quarrels and doubt and fears and commotions are gone from that heart.  So the wild beast will come, the lion will come and lay down, the lamb will also come and lay down.   The birds of the air will gather and find pasture in that heart.  The butterflies will fluff.  The birds will chirp.  Every beast of the air will find a nest, Oh Lord.

You will never have this except you allow the Holy Spirit of God, in you. The Holy Spirit will not dwell in you except you allow the Holy Spirit to teach you. The Holy Spirit will not teach you if you reject whatever he tries to say to you.  In a little while, the Holy Spirit will abandon you and you will become empty forever.  The Host of Righteousness will also leave because it’s a dead body now. That heart will become cold and stony and all the living creatures will flee away. Bitter cold and gnashing of teeth will come into that heart.  Darkness will dwell in that heart.  Wars, nightmares, and commotions, and all forms of diseases and dangers and doubts will over take that heart.  That heart will sink under the earth and find a rock and crawl under the rock because the sunshine from above has no more effect on this dead heart.

There is no more electricity running through the heart.  When the hospital attach their EKG to this heart, it will have a flat line, because the heart is no longer beating, it’s no longer responding, it’s no longer moving, it’s no longer changing, it does no longer dance to music of the universe.  It doesn’t go boom, boom, and boom.  It’s woe; it will bend its head down.  Its days and nights will be filled with complaints and agony.  Darkness will slowly enclose it in the rock.  Water will fill that rock and freeze in the heart.  That is what is called hell.  You will be alive as the world calls alive, but it will be a walk in hell.  You will be mumbling to yourself.  You will be fighting with the world in your head and your heart. The world will be an irritation to your soul.  You will live in pain.

Remember it’s a simple choice.  You can choose to be taught by the Holy Ghost.  You can choose to accept His teachings of Love.  You can choose to change by loving all people and grow by accepting all things as good.  You can choose the joy that comes from the spring of the heart that is growing.  You can choose the beauty and the harmony that comes with the company of your brothers and sisters, your fellow life in all forms.  You can choose to be a shelter for all who are weak. You can choose to provide nourishment for all in need.  You can choose to be a helper to all.  You can also choose the opposite:  a lonely heart, a cold heart, a faultfinding heart, a shriveled heart, a dead heart—no electricity heart, no joy, gloom, gloom, gloom.  Whatever you choose, Peace be with you.


September 26th, 2010
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