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There are three things that proceed, namely: thought, speech, and action. From a man who is a form of life, there proceeds thought from the affection of charity; speech from the voice which is of affection, and in which there is the affection of thought, and action by means of a movement in which there is charity. This movement proceeds from effort; and the affection of the thought makes the effort. A man’s life is in everything he wills and thinks, and in everything he says, and in everything he does. No one can carry out any action from life other than his own; all these things are effects of his life; and is therefore is his likeness.

Man’s true life, that is, the life of his will, is expressed through his thought, consequently the speech and materially his actions. The law of thought is stated in the law, “AS A MAN THINKETH IS HIS HEART, SO IS HE”. The Lord teaches, “out of the abundance of the heart (will/thought) the mouth speaks. That shows that the inward thought of any person is their true life. No matter what man says or does, he has an inward mind, opinion or belief that is his true life. Our work in saving man is to get man to look inwardly at his true state, and make amends if what he sees is not very good. We must be aware that the thought that occupies man is matter centered, hence his thoughts are not spiritual, and the Lord teaches, “Your thoughts are not my thoughts and your ways (actions) and not My Ways.” Finally, “THOUGHTS ARE THINGS” The Lord would ask His detractors, Why think ye evil in your hearts?” What ever thought man dwells upon that he becomes. To dwell on a thought spiritual is to cause what is thought to appear. This ability of man to bring things to pass through thought is what makes man the creator of his circumstance. Whatever we think about would manifest in our lives, sooner or later. Our whole life, our health, our happiness, our success in life is entirely determined by our thought. People who live negatively live in fear that is why they keep getting defeated. THE POWER OF RIGHT THINKING IS THE POWER OF FAITH.


If you are willing to create from your thought, and your everyday deed, you will create the soil that will yield the courage (the fruit). To achieve this level of success one needs to be consistent in one’s ways and actions. Right thought is the primary creative power of man. Watch your thought and see where you dwell.


The greatest things in life are FAITH and CHARACTER, for these gives you mastery over things on earth. Have Faith in God. Faith is the power of right thinking; character is the power of right actions. No power on earth can hurt you unless you let it. You are in control of your destiny. If you don’t think right about God, or do not have right thought about yourself, you can never have FAITH in GOD. You will be filled with FEARS and WORRIES. God is not an entity outside of you. God is the power resident in all things; God is the power that constitutes you. The power that holds all forms together. Right application of thought and right actions are the living powers of man.


December 22nd, 2009
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