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For whosoever asketh, receiveth; whoso seeketh, findeth; and to whosoever, knocketh it shall be opened.

The journey of life is filled with twists and turns; many of life’s questions have no known answers, yet, man’s peace of mind comes only from true knowledge. Life is fraught with decisions, dilemmas and uncertainties. True peace is gained only through enlightenment. This enlightenment leads to right choices and happiness. As Adam and Eve had their choice in the Garden of Eden, the wrong choices we make cost us our peace of mind and comfort. How one perceives and answers life’s question is the foundation of one’s personal stability, health, wealth, and quality of life. Most have chosen the route of indifference, while others are simply hiding their head in the sand. Well, we all know that life is not that simple? Life forces decisions at every turn, and the quality of our lives depend solely on our choices. Man’s true place or the garden of bliss, health, vitality, vigor and peace is the EDEN where the presence of God dwells eternally. Through wrong knowledge and unwise choices this state of consciousness is lost to man temporarily.

The real questions concerning Man’s condition outside his true place are: WHY ARE WE HERE? WHY DO WE GET SICK? WHY ARE WE NOT HAPPY? WHY DO WE DIE? These same questions have baffled philosophers and sages through eons, yet all men have not discovered the secret of present everlasting life, or rightly understood the transience of life. How long will some men continue to be impacted by this hopeless, seemingly uncontrollable environment, without having an understanding of their True Place? It is true that modern Science has advanced apparent knowledge, and has come up with ingenious technological wizardry, which has affected our lives. These gadgets or “Matter Mechanica” that is supposed to improve the quality of life have instead sped up anxiety and fear, which are counter productive to love, peace, happiness, and are contrary to Man’s true place. Technology has advanced communication, travel, health β€œ?” and comfort. But has it increased human satisfaction? NO. The error of modern science is working from the wrong premise, the wrong side of life’s unity, “Cause and Effects.” Thinking that outside circumstances can impact upon Man’s peace and happiness, science has expended its effort outside, working on transitory things -“effects.”

Modern Science, with its technological wonders, will be the first to admit to not having all the answers; religion doesn’t have answers either. While science has at least sought systematic knowledge-based ways of understanding and coping with our environment, religion has been passing along more on wishful thinking than thorough systematic inquiry. Religion has been an opiate that has dulled the intellectual inquiry of mankind, yet within its scriptures are hidden the codes for happiness and Man’s True Place. The fundamental scientific principles that pertain to man’s happiness on earth are: Love, Peace, Faith, Science, Life, Prayer, Wisdom and Wealth. Now comes the question, is it possible for mankind to understand and benefit from True SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES, Discover His True Place, and Be Happy? The answer is YES.

Man’s peace and quality of life depend on how much of these principles He Knows, Understands, Masters, and Controls. True peace comes from true knowledge, which helps man put ALL things under his control. Thoroughly understanding the scientific creative forces such as Love, Peace, Comfort and Knowledge, gives man Life, Joy, and Happiness on this material earth. Issues in life may be numerous, choices may be difficult, however, through systematic study and understanding of His True Place, Man becomes happy on this earth, lives everlasting, and eventually becomes Godlike. OUR FATHER IS GOD; HIS children are SONS OF GOD.

Consider the following: Your understanding means a lot for your peace of mind.
Is entire love, peace, comfort, and knowledge available to me? [YES]
Can I be rich, prosperous, and get along with people? [YES]
Can I guarantee an accident free life, and Control my destiny? [YES]
Can one really be happy on earth? [YES]
What causes sudden death? Can I determine how long I will live? [YES]
Who and what is the way, Christ Jesus? [YES]
Is there one and only source of truth, and does God discriminate? [NO]
What about religion, religious leaders are they all acceptable? [YES]
What about Socrates, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, Etc., are they okay? [YES]
Science & Christianity; Evolution & creation, are they all the same? [NO]
Are there natural laws? Are they God’s laws? Are they binding on all? [YES]
How about cause and effect, is it a natural spiritual principle? [YES]
Is pride the banner of Satan? And is the devil the keyboard of evil? [YES]
What is wisdom? Can I have infinite wisdom? [YES]
Is Man preeminent among other creatures, and is Man greater than Angels? [YES]
Can I discover life’s true purpose? [YES]
Is fear destructive and deadly? And is it possible to overcome fear? [YES]
Will God bring about world peace? [YES]
Is there a spiritual creative power called prayer? [YES]
Is church really necessary? [NO]
What is reincarnation, does it really exist? [YES]
What about transmigration of souls or animism, is it true? [NO]

Where lie peace, wisdom, prosperity and orderliness of man today? Can human beings achieve their very best in the world today? Why did human beings fall short of the glory of God? Why do human beings fail to achieve their very best? If you want to live longer, enjoy prosperity, and orderliness of life, there is a way, through systematic prayer, which is the practice of the presence of God. Come and join us in the search for Man’s True Place in time and eternity. God promises to exterminate all your worries both of mind and surroundings and then you “MUST” live a happy prosperous peaceful life throughout your years on the earth.


He saith unto them, whose is this image and superscription? MATT. xxii. 20.
‘And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.’ GEN. 1: 26.

‘WHOSE is this image?’ It was by this question that Jesus foiled His enemies, when they thought to take Him, and settled the matter of duty in regard to the tribute. The question and the principle it involves are of universal application. Nowhere more truly than in man himself. The image he bears decides his destiny. Bearing God’s image, he belongs to God: prayer to God is what he was created for. Man’s destiny appears clearly from God’s language at creation. It was to fill, to subdue, and to have dominion over the earth and all in it. Man was meant, as God’s representative, to hold rule here on earth. To fill God’s place: himself subject to God, he was to keep all else in subjection to Him. It was the will of God that all that was to be done on earth should be done through him. The history of the earth was to be entirely in his hands. On his advice and at his request heaven was to have bestowed it’s blessing on earth. The destinies of the world were given into the power of the wishes, the will, the prayer of man.

This had been man’s destiny from the first. Scripture not only tells us this, but also teaches us how it was that God could entrust man with such a high calling. It was because He had created him in His own image and likeness. The external rule was not committed to him without the inner fitness: the bearing God’s image in having dominion, in being Lord of all, had its root in the inner likeness, in his nature. There was an inner agreement and harmony between God and man, an incipient Godlikeness, which gave man a real fitness for being the mediator between God and His world, for he was to interpret God’s will, to represent nature’s needs, to receive and dispense God’s bounty. It was in bearing God’s image that he could bear God’s rule; he was-indeed so like God, so capable of entering into God’s purposes, and carrying out His plans, that God could trust him with the wonderful privilege of asking and obtaining what the world might need. Although sin has for a time frustrated God’s plans, prayer still remains what it would have been if man had never fallen: the proof of man’s Godlikeness, the power that is allowed to hold the hand that holds the destinies of the universe. In Christ man regains his original position, and abiding in Christ, inherits the promise: Ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. As the image bearer of God on earth, the earth was indeed given into his hand. When he fell, all fell with him: the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together. But now, he is redeemed; the restoration of the original dignity has begun. It is in very deed God’s purpose that the fulfillment of His eternal purpose, and the coming of His kingdom, should depend on those of His people who, abiding in Christ, are ready to take up their position in Him their Head, the great Priest-King, and in their prayers are bold enough to say what they will that their God should do. As image-bearer and representative of God on earth, redeemed man has by his prayers to determine the history of this earth. Man was created, and has now again been redeemed, to pray, and by his prayer to have dominion. “God is seeking priests among the sons of men. A human priesthood is one of the essential parts of His eternal plan. To rule creation by man is His design. God is seeking kings, not out of the ranks of angels. Fallen man must furnish. Him with the rulers of His universe. Human hands must wield the scepter; human heads must wear the crown. (The Rent Veil, by Dr. H. Bonar. Adapted from “With Christ in the school of prayer” by Andrew Murray).

December 14th, 2009
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