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Real Happiness

Real Happiness

Picture of Water Fall For whosoever asketh, receiveth; whoso seeketh, findeth; and to whosoever knocketh it shall be opened.


As Job saw it, “Man born of a woman is full of trouble.” It is true that there is suffering on earth. We spend an inordinate amount of time trying to escape to a comfortable place. My friend Bob Marley noted also that, “Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but that no one wants to die.” The question is then, how do we escape? Where are escaping to? Are we ready to leave the earth? Are we ready to die, or are we moving to another continent? What are we escaping, and where are we to escape it? Given that we in Christ School have been pondering these spiritual matters in the light of the word of God through the Holy Spirit, we have come to the juncture where we need to explain what we are escaping from and to where we are escaping.

We are working to escape the vicissitudes of life. As Buddha describes it, to be born is to suffer. We have to escape “the cycle of birth, suffering, sickness, old age, death, and rebirth.” As modern day MAN will say, “Life Sucks.” What we want to understand truly is that there is suffering, heartache and pain in our world. We need to understand also that God is not the cause of these ills; that man is the cause; not other men, for each man is the author of his own suffering. All of us collectively have contributed to decadence and turmoil in our environment, in our weather and in the physical world. As the case goes, God has provided a way of escape from the vicious cycle of death and rebirth. The means and WAY are clear. Man only has to apply self-control and have enough inner strength to walk this way until victory is won. That victory or escape is what religious people call Heaven. The Blessed Lord Jesus has said that the Kingdom of Heaven is here, now, and available to all whom would dare follow him. He said also that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. If that is the case, why is it that a majority of humanity cannot and are not experiencing this Heaven? The short answer is that they don’t know, and are still sucked-in with the illusions of material living (enjoyment), which is the main cause of their suffering. Everything in life sooner or later causes pain. Death comes with birth. Old comes after New. Bad follows good. Given enough time everything fades, decays and dies. Apparent life is suffering, and relationships are painful, even marriage’s end in divorce. Why is life so painful? The reason is that Man tries to live by himself, while turning his back to God. Life is the essence of God. Christ tells us, “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.” ABUNDANT LIFE IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD.


“There is a place within each of us, where there is no hunger, no envy, no success or failure. As there is no limitation within that place, there is also peace. We are neither born to that place, nor do we die in it. It is permanent, and the only reality is that permanence. To get there, we must have only the willingness to think in terms of being there.” In this kingdom, there is no religion, political affiliation, creed, race, color, or difference. We don’t go in or out of this place, because we take it with us when we work, eat, travel or sleep. ”That place is known only by those who have been there. This place is the only home we will ever know. When we are there, its warmth and peace fulfill us the inner assurance we all have that somehow, somewhere we will find a world of endless contentment. Beyond birth, beyond death, beyond hunger and poverty, this place is the only reality –because when we get there, it never ends. Any other so-called “reality of life” is only illusion because it is only temporary. FIND THE GOD IN YOU, AND YOU WILL FIND YOUR HEAVEN OF PEACE.


“After we arrive at the place of peace, the external expressions of everyday living, no matter what we may be involved in at the time, do not matter. Instead of struggling with the details of life in order to get ahead, we are now standing at the center of things. In “not wanting,” we become part of the process of creation itself. This is a process in which the timing is not our own, but is bound by the limits of a day’s work, or for that matter, an entire life’s work. Our life is now a part of the whole, and our decisions are reflections of the great calendar of the cycles that has made life pulse, from the very beginning. In “Not acting,” we become the greatest actors of all. “As long as we remain in this place, we are part of the Great will. In so being, no fears , no pain, no negative thoughts or influences can reach us. When we attain this place, perhaps in a small way we have reached a point in our spiritual evolution where we are part of the process of life itself -where, without remorse, impatience, hesitation, or blame, we experience only great compensation and great compassion.” YOU HAVE TO LEARN THE WAY. THE WAY OF PEACE.

Where lies peace, wisdom, prosperity and orderliness of man today? Can human beings achieve their very best in the world today? Why did human beings fall short of the glory of God? Why do human beings fail to achieve their very best? If you want to live longer, enjoy prosperity, and orderliness of life, there is a way, through systematic prayer, which is the practice of the presence of God. Come and join us in the search for Man’s True Place in time and eternity. God promises to exterminate all your worries both of mind and surroundings and then you “MUST” live a happy prosperous peaceful life throughout your years on the earth.




Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!

Being that lives where the silent seas of yesterday’s rain
Are washing on the empty shores of time.
At last, we witness the cracking.
From within the Void, the Conch resounds again.

Know that all who live in his magnified Presence
Are forever advancing towards the moment of Great Realization in their lives.
The Light that shines in the Silence, in that space of Awakening,
Is beyond the brilliance of even the greatest Sun.

It is the Light of your Heart,
And your Heart is the Morning Star.
O listen if you would,
For therein lies a teaching.

Joy is a gift from Universe and Divinity.
Sorrow and Pain are there for the healing.
Through touching of the Heart, the Heart is Opened.
Then the knowledge may enter, to return the seeker to balance.

Watch now, for the Joy and Sorrow dance Together,
And in that dance is their dissolution,
leaving nothing to perceive but Truth.
Embrace the Truth, for always it is precisely who you are in your Eternal Being.

All is you.
And surrounding this all is the infinite embrace of the Brilliant One,
Christ Jesus.
Praised be his presence forever in all our Worlds.

Adapted from The story of QUETZALCOATL, by poet-scholar Jim Berenholtz: As printed in the book: The return of PAHANA, A HOPI MYTH, by Robert Boissiere, 1990. Bear & Company, Inc. Santa Fe, NM. From the story as told, the Natives expect the second coming of the great brother. We in Christ school, know who that brother is, now don’t we!

December 14th, 2009
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